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Founded in 1996, ILSBio, LLC is a commercial biobank and molecular laboratory established to accelerate research and discovery.  ILSbio provides well-characterized human specimens and laboratory services to support researchers in the development of diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics for cancer and a wide range of other diseases.  

ILSbio offers carefully characterized and well-documented research specimen sets representing many disease states and normal tissues with a focus on cancer biospecimens. Formats feature pairs of diseased and normal adjacent (NAT) cryo-preserved surgical tissues with matching Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) blocks. Blood, serum, plasma, PAP smear, fluid aspirates, and other human specimens are also available.  All samples are procured under IRB approved protocols with donor informed consent for genetic research and commercial development.

In addition to tissue and fluid biobanking, ILSbio’s molecular lab can produce higher-level derivatives (i.e. DNA, RNA, m-RNA and protein lysates) from tissues.  The lab also performs molecular quality control of specimens including RNA integrity analysis on the Agilent 2100.  An extensive network of collaborating organizations allows for specialized specimen analysis and testing.

ILSbio’s tissue products have been used at all levels of scientific study ranging from large pharmaceutical and biotech organizations to government and university research facilities.  See our partnerships page for more information on our valued supporters.

Our Services

Biorepository – ILSbio maintains a repository of over 40,000 samples at our biobank, with complete clinical, surgical, and pathological data.  Samples originate from cancer patients, surgical patients, and post mortem donors to supply a wide range of diseased and normal tissues. ILSbio’s inventory is replenished continuously by shipments from our network of trusted collection sites to provide clients with a wide range of specimen options.

Custom Collections - ILSbio has extensive experience in implementing new protocols for custom collections.  Our comprehensive network of worldwide collection sites affords us the ability to meet the most challenging of our clients customized requests.

RNA, DNA, & Protein Extractions – Extractions are available as part of our biobanks existing repository or can be custom extracted from in-house samples or custom collections.

Slide Sectioning – ILSbio can provide sections for FFPE blocks or flash frozen tissue from our current repository or from custom collected tissues.

Tissue Arrays ILSbio can provide customized arrays in FFPE or flash frozen format from our current repository or from custom collected tissues.

Custom Testing – ILSbio collaborates with numerous strategic partners to provide custom immunohistochemistry, targeted gene sequencing, gene expression profiling, and transcriptome, exome, and next-gen sequencing from our current repository or from custom collections.