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Tumor & Cancer Tissue Samples

ILSbio provides a wide range of biological specimen types including matched sets of normal and diseased tumor tissue, FFPE, blood, and blood derivatives, focusing primarily on cancer tissue. We stock a wide range of cancer tissues as well as other disease and normal tissue specimen types to help meet all research goals quickly and on budget. Collections are performed to be ideal for a wide range of studies including genomic, proteomic, molecular, and histologic analysis. 

Our snap-frozen cancer tissues and other tissue types are carefully procured under IRB approved protocols to ensure the integrity of each specimen. The frozen tumor tissue, normal adjacent matched tissue, and whole blood specimen products from each donor patient are preserved within 15-20 minutes of excision. The biospecimens are stored onsite via a liquid nitrogen -180 °C freezer with a computerized monitoring system to ensure sample integrity. All matching FFPE tissue is kept in contaminant proof storage containers and inventoried periodically for paraffin quality control and remolding purposes. 

ILSbio provides cancer tissue and tissue derivatives that are high quality, cost effective, and procured in compliance with current and anticipated regulations. Our company obtains its clinical specimens under strict IRB approved protocols with informed consent and the utmost attention to issues of patient safety, anonymity, and confidentiality. Clinical and pathological data as well as patient medical history is available for all specimens. ILSbio prides itself on focusing solely on the integrity of our biobank specimens and customer satisfaction with every cancer tissue sample request.